Nanoexa Corporation brings advances in nanotechnology in the design of new materials and their application to the next generation of Lithium Ion batteries and puts the company on the leading edge as a Silicon Valley innovator.
Nanoexa's business model is to offer to its selected partners and customers the opportunity to complement their own in-house skills and capabilities by having access to a world-class team that can very quickly design and manufacture the unique material and battery cell needed for their next generation product line.
We offer a fully integrated vertical capability ranging from ultra-fast new material simulation, material screening and laboratory synthesis, cell prototyping and testing into customer's specified cell form-factor by our very capable R&D team; then pre-production and production of the selected material in our own Asia-based commercial production lines.
Our innovative Quantum Simulation Software Engine is also commercialized and available to our customers.
Nanoexa Corporation is privately held and has been funded by its founders and selected private equity investors.