In the 21st Century renewable and friendly energy sources are becoming a worldwide priority for consumers, governments and industrial players.
With electricity playing a key role in our modern society, electric energy storage becomes a critical component in all modern electrical generation and distribution systems as well as in an ever increasing number of applications ranging from PHEV and EV to consumer devices such as power tools, mobile computers, cellular phones and other wireless devices to name a few. Applications always require more power and capacity from batteries and at a lower cost.
Among the technologies that are in a maturing stage and the most promising, Lithium Ion batteries are an area where dramatic technological improvements are possible. The current focus of NanoeXa is bringing to the market very innovative battery materials solutions.
In an industry that has mostly seen a slow evolution due to the constraints of experimental chemistry, Nanoexa’s vision is to accelerate innovation in energy storage systems with new advanced materials for Lithium Ion batteries and a unique and disruptive Quantum Simulation Software Engine. Both technologies will enable our customers to quickly come to the market with advanced batteries that help in solving the global energy crisis.