NxQSBM Innovation Accelerator Fast New Material Design, Optimization and Verification

The NxQSBM is a unique integrated fast tool for the design of new battery materials using our Quantum Simulation-based Database and Design Engine, and then evaluate the simulated material in a system level cylindrical cell for performance evaluation. By using typical CAD tools in this integrated suite designers can virtually test hundreds of potential candidates and synthesize in laboratory only the most promising ones. The complete materials to system-level design cycle can thus be reduced to months instead of years.
The integrated design tool uses a quantum simulated database of battery materials' building blocks for fast creation, stability screening, and structural characterization of the active material compositions that meet the targeted specifications.
The tool integrates all the necessary software modules that can validate the selected composition for cell level performance including the capacity, voltage, rate, cycling and safety - resulting in a reliable set of criteria leading to a go/no go decision before actual laboratory synthesis.

For the design of cathode material the system includes:

The selected simulated material is integrated with system-Level design and performance analysis for cylindrical & prismatic cells to provide the most advanced tool in the market with: