Material Synhtesis Process Development

NanoeXa has developed scalable non-exotic synthesis processes for Gen-3 class of cathode materials. The cathode materials produced by our process have shown high stability resulting in improved electrochemical and safety performances. Two scalable synthesis processes named co-precipitation and sol-gel have been developed. Both processes involve liquid phase continuous chemical reactions followed by filtration, drying, mixing, baking and grinding steps to arrive at a given chemical composition and morphology.

Below we show the methodology used and SEM images of morphological characterization of the Gen-3 class of cathode material synthesized by Nanoexa.

Design Methodology
SEM Images

These images show our Laboratory facilities: (A) & (B) Synthesis Lab (C) Coin-cell manufacturing (D) Battery tester station.

Laboratory Pics

Currently NanoeXa is fine-tuning the process for controlling the morphology and composition for very high energy density composite oxide type cathode material.

NanoeXa has filed for patents on the use of shape-based morphology for the enhancement of the performance of the materials for higher energy densities.