With new applications such as PHEV and EV, the requirements on Lithium Ion Battery Systems have increased by an order of magnitude. This newly designed class of materials have applications also in portable electronics, smartphones, etc.

Quantum-Simulation Based materials design:

With our patented unique approach we accelerate by a factor of 5X the classical design approach for the complex chemistries and element combinations required by the new advanced Lithium Ion battery electrodes. This saves time and money for our customers.

3rd Generation Cathode Materials:

NanoeXa’s team is applying our Quantum Simulation Software to the design high-performance 3rd generation cathode materials suitable for the requirements of the new demanding applications such as smartphones, portable electronics and also the Electric Vehicle Industry (PHEV and EV).

Material Synthesis Process Development

NanoeXa's engineering team has designed cost-effective processes suitable for scale-up of the 3rd generation composite cathode materials to commercial volume manufacturing.

Manufacturing of 3rd Generation Cathode Materials

With years of optimization behind us and the solid manufacturing experience of our manufacturing partner, the 3rd generation cathode material has been ramped-up to the metric ton level.